Monday, August 25, 2014

Play Date from David Walker!

What could be more fun than a play date with charmingly whimsical animals brought to you from David Walker Studios? From oversized dots and plaids, to zebras floating through clouds, to elephants on unicycles, this playful collection in saturated colors will surely be embraced by little boys and girls alike.

Visit to see the entire collection as well as read more about David and be inspired by our free projects!

Click here for the Play Date Baby Quilt and Play Date Doll Bed Ensemble patterns.  
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Friday, August 22, 2014

One Million Pillowcase Blog Hop by Verna Mosquera

I was excited when I was asked to participate in the One Million Pillowcase Blog Hop. It seemed like such a worthy cause and a wonderful way to share a few of the fabrics from my upcoming collection Snapshot for FreeSpirit Fabrics.

When I went to the All People Quilt link I was thrilled to see the many pillow case ideas/patterns that were available to choose from. I knew I wanted something simple enough to make but with some feminine detail. Of course I chose Pillowcase #1 because of the girly ruffle on the casing.

Because the body of the pillowcase was the largest area I knew that would be the focal fabric. I immediately gravitated to VM115 Blooming Border Stripe in Blush. It was the perfect place to feature a stripe.  As with all my collections there is one fabric that is my favorite. In Snapshot it is VM119 Love Birds in Slipper. This vintage inspired toile is so lovely and the pink version just makes me want to sew. I knew I wanted to feature it on the band of the pillowcase. It made the perfect romantic accent. In an effort to set off the ruffle I chose VM120 Moire in Mint.  The combination of the three just screamed “little girl”.

I ran my choices by my sons Milo & Nico and they too gave them the thumbs up. The pattern was quick and easy to follow. As I worked on the project I began to reflect on something personal. I tried to imagine who might use this pillowcase. I began to think of a time several years back when my youngest son was just two years old. He became very ill and was diagnosed with a disease I had never heard of called Kawasaki.

In a matter of days we found ourselves admitting him to the hospital for very serious treatments. It was such a scary time for our family. I remember taking comfort in the few things that were familiar. His favorite stuffed animal, my husband’s hand or my mothers reassuring words, that all would be ok. Luckily my son is healthy and strong today. He is a striving student, athlete and all around happy child. I am so grateful to all who diagnosed and took care of him. We were so lucky that our stay in the hospital was less than a week and that in a matter of months we knew he was healthy and strong.

There are so many families with children who are diagnosed with illness that is way graver and requires much longer stays in the hospital.  I remember taking comfort in the little things and decided I would donate my pillowcase to Children’s Hospital in Oakland, California.  As long as I can remember they have been treating sick children in my area. I hope that this simple gesture of making a pretty pillowcase can somehow bring a sick child some comfort or bring a smile in an unsettling time.

I hope that you will join me, and all of the others who are making pillowcases for their favorite charities. One small effort can make such a change in the world and I am honored to be a part of this amazing effort. 

For more information on how to participate go to
Or to participate in the American Patchwork & Quilting First One Million Pillowcase Challenge 24 Hour Sew-A-Thon on September 19-20, 2014 go to Join virtually or find a participating shop in your community. BE A PART OF IT!

Verna Mosquera
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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Inspiration behind Nel Whatmore's new Merry Go Round collection

Nel shares her inspiration in her own words "Merry Go Round is inspired by the joys of the fun fair. From spinning wheels and carousels it aims to evoke a feeling of playfulness and the joys of a great day out. I am always drawn to circular forms and curved lines. I just can’t help it! We have a fair that comes to town every year here in Tadcaster.  Fairs fascinate me; from the people that run them to the patterns and lavish decorations. I liked the idea of producing a kaleidoscope of color that echoes the joy of a day out at the fair."

Visit to see the entire collection as well as read more about Nel and be inspired by our free projects!  

Click here for the Merry Go Round Quilt and Merry Go Round Pillow patterns!
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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Inspiration behind Denyse Schmidt's new Hadley collection!

Denyse Schmidt draws much of the inspiration for her fabric collections from the nostalgic charm of her native New England, and Hadley is no exception. Pastoral Hadley has puritan roots with a streak of independence. Elegant and spirited, Hadley embodies the assured style and ladylike grace of a Seven Sisters college co-ed. Showcasing smart, pretty florals, confident plaids, directional prints, and  universally useful calicos, Hadley is as versatile a collection as you are likely to find. Perfect for apparel – think crisp skirts, lovely afternoon tea dresses, an adorable romper – Hadley works equally well for all quilting and crafting needs. Plenty of “low-volume” prints and vibrant accents make it a cinch to create modern quilts with a vintage scrappy feel. Mix them with DS Modern Solid Pre-cuts (Denyse’s curated selection of FreeSpirit Designer Solids) for more contrast and distinctive flair. Hadley features nine designs in three beautiful color ways – Chinese Lantern, Sunflower, Hydrangea – for a total of 26 quilting cottons. 

Visit to see the entire collection as well as read more about Denyse and be inspired by our free projects!  

Hadley Quilt pattern – Denyse Schmidt’s In The Corner pattern, PTDS12

Visit our Sewing Secrets blog for the Book Covers pattern
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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Lace Mountain from Zandra Rhodes

Zandra Rhodes is a major influencer of the world of fashion!  She is also the founder of the Fashion and Textile Museum in London.  Lace Mountain, Zandra’s debut collection with FreeSpirit collection is full of bold and vibrant designs and colors.  Zandra shares her inspiration behind the new collection, “My inspiration comes from nature, and my mother who sewed and made dresses as home. So my style is interpreted in my own, very special and personal way – whether it’s “Frilly Flowers” or “Zigzag Stars”, my magical meandering wiggles invade all the patterns. For this collection I have delved into my vast Rhodes repertoire of wiggles, stitching, frills and flowers to specially produce wonderful memories that can be magically sewn together in a myriad of ways.”

Visit to see the collection as well as read more about Zandra and be inspired by our free projects!  

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Cottage Garden from Alice Hickey!

Alice Hickey is a contemporary Southwestern master watercolor artist who has won numerous awards and is nationally recognized for her flowers and butterflies.  Cottage Garden is Alice’s debut collection with FreeSpirit fabrics.  In Alice’s own words “Color juxtaposes an airy ambience of intriguing design which sets in action movement, light and excitement as I put together my final creation.”

Visit to see the collection as well as read more about Alice and be inspired by our free projects!  

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Introducing FreeSpirit Designer Zandar Rhodes

Zandra’s early textile fashion designs were considered too outrageous by traditional British manufacturers, so in 1969, she established her own retail store front on fashionable Fulham Road in West London. Zandra’s own lifestyle has proven to be as dramatic, glamorous and extroverted as her designs.  


 With her bright green hair (later changed to a spectacular pink and sometimes a radiant red), theatrical makeup and art jewelry, she has stamped her identity on the international world of fashion.  Zandra talks about her Lace Mountain collection: “My inspiration comes from nature, and my mother who sewed and made dresses at home. 

 So my style is interpreted in my own, very special and personal way – whether it’s “Frilly Flowers” or “Zigzag Stars”, my magical meandering wiggles invade all the patterns. For this collection I have delved into my vast Rhodes repertoire of wiggles, stitching, frills and flowers to specially produce wonderful memories that can be magically sewn together in a myriad of ways.

Lace Mountain represents memories of Australia’s Ayers Rock (The “Lace Mountain”), and the Spinifex Grass that grows around it. The way the imagery is interpreted is influenced by my mother and my sewing background.”

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Monday, August 11, 2014

New FreeSpirit Designer Alice Hickey

“Dynamic designs will add sparkle and light to your daily life. Creative ideas come to me rapidly and I love my connection with fabric. I not only design fabric but I have worked with it for many years as I have done my own sewing. Color juxtaposed with an airy ambience of intriguing designs, sets into action the movement, light and excitement of my final creation. As I look to nature for ideas, I am challenged to create something new and vivacious.”    

 Alice Hickey is a contemporary watercolor artist who paints on non-traditional canvas versus standard watercolor paper. She has painted Southwestern art and contemporary floral paintings exhibited and sold in places such as the 34th Annual River Road Show, Baton Rouge, Louisiana; The International Art Exhibit, Sea Cliff, New York; The Cordova Historical Museum, Cordova, Alaska; the 38th Annual Mother Lode National Arts Association, Placerville, California; the 9th Annual Rio Brazos Art Exhibition, Granbury, Texas; and three separate galleries in New York.

 Her contemporary and Southwestern art is the recipient of numerous awards and national recognition including winner of the 2008 Easter Seal Competition and finalist in the Nova Town Society cover competition. She is considered a contemporary master by Amsterdam Whitney Fine Art, Inc., where her art has shown for the last ten years.  Alice’s work is in over 140 private collections and has shown in 100 galleries nationwide. Alice has painted over 5000 paintings in the last 15 years.  Her home and studio are just a few miles south of Sedona, Arizona. “I enjoy painting,” Hickey has said. “Painting is everything to me. I can’t seem to limit myself.”  

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Tuesday, August 05, 2014

New from Joel Dewberry... Birch Farm!!

Rustic charm meets modern living at Birch Farm. Embrace the primitive simplicity of farmhouse living with simple and stunning patterns that pay homage to the unexpected beauty that often goes unnoticed in this provincial pace of life. Delicate interpretations of hydrangea, barn owls and chrysanthemums deliver an unexpected beauty that warms and simplifies.  Birch Farm is available in cotton and sateen.  Visit for this quilt pattern.

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Summer Time Stash Cleaning!

It’s Summer time and with the days getting longer it's a great time get your stash organized. . . hope that all those UFOs (unidentified finished objects) become what they were intended to be and hope that your stash of fabric, somehow miraculously may dwindle a bit! Dwindle you say? How could that possibly happen when more and more beautiful fabrics are being introduced every minute of every day!

Well our goal is to help dwindle that stash so that you can continue to take advantage of such treasures like FreeSpirit Beauty Queen by Jennifer Paginelli or Lovelorn by Jenean Morrison.  Here is a laundry list of quick ideas guaranteed to bust your stash and make room for some new fabrics!

Create a scrappy anthropology like pillow.  Inspired by an urban ready-made pillow, this uses Rowan Kaffe Collective fabric but certainly any color story would work.

Tea Towels are a nice hostess gift and or a nice detail to spruce up any guest bathroom. These are made from FreeSpirit Valentine Rose by Tanya Whelan but any floral, shabby chic fabric will do.

Novelty kitchen décor or a little gift for your friend who loves chickens, these Wired Chicks use a tiny bit of fabric for a whole lot of fun décor --  FreeSpirit Fowl Play by Luelle Doss is the perfect fabric for such frivolity.
Make this Garden-inspired Tote which can be the perfect complement to a spring shift dress using FreeSpirit Secret Garden by Nel Whatmore – a patchy tote with trendy hand stitched detail.

A modern twist on a scrappy idea can be found in the Beechwood Park Quilt featuring FreeSpirit Beechwood Park by Jenean Morrison.  Use any bright and colorful stash fabrics, big and small prints, to create this perfect picnic or veranda throw.

Create coasters customized to match your décor. A linen/cotton blend, like FreeSpirit Novella, looks classy but yet is totally machine washable and totally only requires less than half a yard of fabric to create four.  

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