Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Introducing FreeSpirit Designer Zandar Rhodes

Zandra’s early textile fashion designs were considered too outrageous by traditional British manufacturers, so in 1969, she established her own retail store front on fashionable Fulham Road in West London. Zandra’s own lifestyle has proven to be as dramatic, glamorous and extroverted as her designs.  


 With her bright green hair (later changed to a spectacular pink and sometimes a radiant red), theatrical makeup and art jewelry, she has stamped her identity on the international world of fashion.  Zandra talks about her Lace Mountain collection: “My inspiration comes from nature, and my mother who sewed and made dresses at home. 

 So my style is interpreted in my own, very special and personal way – whether it’s “Frilly Flowers” or “Zigzag Stars”, my magical meandering wiggles invade all the patterns. For this collection I have delved into my vast Rhodes repertoire of wiggles, stitching, frills and flowers to specially produce wonderful memories that can be magically sewn together in a myriad of ways.

Lace Mountain represents memories of Australia’s Ayers Rock (The “Lace Mountain”), and the Spinifex Grass that grows around it. The way the imagery is interpreted is influenced by my mother and my sewing background.”

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Julie said...

Oooh this range looks fabulous - s o much colour.

Unknown said...

Love the bright colors! Just spectacular!!!