Monday, February 20, 2012

Winners, Winners Everywhere!

Curious Nature, Parson Gray
Well, we have scientifically selected random numbers to select the winners of six, one yard cuts of Parson Gray Curious Nature fabric as well as those six winners for the Heather Bailey patterns.  So without further adieu, here is who was selected to add Curious Nature to their stash:
Jan from Prytz Family blog
HeatherA, I'm Here Might As Well Win
Moose on the Porch Quilts
alobsiger from Mrs. Schmekman Quilts blog
Irelle, Jibberish Designs
and last but not least, Amorette from Sew While He Sleeps, (which sounds like a great plan!)

And now the winners of two Heather Bailey patterns; Jack & Jill Lunch Bags and Happy Stack Rings are:
Pattysky pants
Beatrix from Kindershop
Jennie P
Carla G
Fresh Cut, Heather Bailey
The Goose

Keep coming back and tell your friends.  Each month we will feature a designer, a tutorial using the designer's fabric the Monday Mania giveaways.  Now that you've won such fabulous gifts from FreeSpirit Fabrics, what are you going to do?  We hope you say sew (or Disney Land would be a nice change of pace!).

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Mania!!! A great giveaway from Mr. February, Parson Gray

It's that time again.  Now that you've gotten to know Parson Gray a bit, it's time for you to tell us if Mr. February were to wander into your life, what would you do with it . . . oh I mean, the fabric of course. David is itching for you to see his fabrics in real life and to combine his totally on- trend colors into something spectacular. Now we want to give you the opportunity by giving away six one yard cuts of his new fabric Curious Nature to six random commentators.  Follow us and grab a friend or two to sign on. This is just the second of 12 different Designer Showcase features for this year, so much like the lottery you have to be in it to win it!  Tell us, by Sunday, February 19th, what would you do with a little bit of Parson Gray . . . the fabric of course! Winners will be revealed here Monday, February 20. Best Blogger TipsShare/Bookmark

Friday, February 10, 2012

Run, don't walk . . . Freshcut is now available at your local quilt shop!

Freshcut™ is back! With lively florals and refreshing coordinates, Heather Bailey’s beloved Freshcut collection is now available at your local quilt shop.  Back by popular demand, Heather's re-release includes a wide selection of quilting cottons, a fantastic assortment of flannels and laminated cottons.

Now you can cozy up in Freshcut flannel pajamas while stitching together your next Freshcut quilt. And the laminated cottons are great for all sorts of projects—from raincoats, hats and hand bags, to tablecloths, toys, and chair covers. Looking for a great laminates project to sew? Pick up Heather’s Jack & Jill Lunch Bags mini pattern at your local quilt shop, or get Heather’s popular Happy Stacker Ring Toy pattern—for wipeable toys!

“I’m so excited to see Freshcut again.” Heather says, “I get dozens of emails every week asking for these fabrics. And this time around, there are laminates and flannels to play with as well. I can’t wait to tell everyone the news.”

To get you started, tell us if you are a Freshcut groupie. Did you make something from Freshcut when it was first launched? Tell us why you are excited about being able to touch, feel and adore these fabrics again.  Comment by February 15 and we will send to six random commentors one of each of Heather's patterns.  Motivation to get creative with Freshcut.

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Monday, February 06, 2012

Curious Nature by Parson Gray Media Mate Tutorial

After reading about Mr. February I'm sure you are ready to sew up a project using Parson Gray's, Curious Nature fabric! Create this quick and easy Media Mate tutorial, brought to you by Melissa Peda that is a great accessory to use for your car or in your home office. It has a bit of a masculine feel so it's a great project for everyone!
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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Mr. February, Parson Gray

Editor's Note: This is the second installment of our Designer Guest Blog series.  Each month in 2012 we will feature an artist, followed by a tutorial and then a giveaway. Mr. February is Parson Gray introduced at October Quilt Market. His fabrics offer a masculine edge yet appeal to anyone looking for a modern touch. Curious Nature by Parson Gray in 24 cotton and 12 cotton sateen fabrics will hit the stores this month.  Let the creativity, and man cave decorating, begin!

Hello all! Getting excited as the Curious Nature fabric (for FreeSpirit) line ships out this month. Much to do! I have some models lined up and I'm getting prepped for a photo shoot that will be taking place in mid-February. When I'm not working on my prints, graphic design or photography for Amy Butler (by the way, in case you did not know I am Amy's husband), I am busy with my band - Black Owls. We're planning some touring dates for 2012 and the release of a new double album as well. Phew.

As this is my first fabric line, it's been pretty exciting to develop ideas to "show it off." I'm not a fantastic sewer, I must admit. I'm fair. But I love coming up with ideas from the edges of craft. I knew I wanted to do some 'guy friendly' projects. I'm heavy into music and the great outdoors, so I'm always thinking from that perspective.
I went to my local army surplus store and I found the coolest hardware and cording, grommets, bags, straps and duffles. This kind of set me to thinking about how I could integrate my fabrics with some of these heavier canvases and hardware to make some great gifts for guys. My prints are not "dude specific" by any means, and I've heard from a lot of women who are excited to have this new kind of palette and print in their quiver.

But I am a guy, and I think like a guy. So I made up a few laundry duffles for my nephews in college, and am working on some simple throws, ties and other cool and easy projects like bandannas, scarves and pillows. Tons of people came up to me at Fall Quilt Market and requested laminates, which are coming out this year (available in May)! I can see messenger bags, ditty bags, cases for phones and glasses, that kind of thing.

I think it's a bit interesting for a lot of folks, that I would come out from behind the curtain (working with the amazing Amy Butler!) and create this line. Amy's always been so great about thinking way outside the lines, and it's served us both very well. Curiosity. Never lose it! We're both always trying new ideas and directions and we're not afraid to take some risks. Fresh perspective feeds our soul, and it's that constant thirst for knowledge and experimentation that keeps us motivated to get out there and make our art. We have different styles that work very, very well together.

Make this Curious Nature Quilt
If you're reading this then you're aware of how FreeSpirit really gives creative wing to its artists. We get to create the visions that we hold close. I look at it like I'm simply making a big box of crayons for YOU to color with. I'm creating the 'raw materials' for a much greater vision - YOURS. So dig in! Cheers,
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