Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Designer Spotlight - Amy Butler's Bright Heart Collection Video

Amy Butler's newest FreeSpirit fabric collection, Bright Heart, is beautiful and mixes so very nicely with her previous collections. We asked her to tell us more about the collection during a recent visit with her and as promised the video where she tells us all about the inspiration behind and details of the collection is below. Enjoy!

Take a peek at all of the designs in the collection on and share with us which are your favorite and why!

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Designer Spotlight - See Amy on YouTube!

We paid a visit to to Amy Butler (and David, and their four kitties) at her home in Ohio with a video crew just so that we could share this wonderful footage, and more of her story, with you -- seriously!! Amy's home is full of treasures collected from her worldly travels and sets the perfect scene for her life in design. 

She spent the morning telling us about how she finds her inspiration and walks us through some of the fun projects she's been sewing lately at all different skill levels. She's been busy, that's for sure! Amy also talked to us about the inspiration behind her newest collection, Bright Heart, which we'll be sharing with you soon. Check back in before the end of the month. 

Want to know more about Amy's fabrics? You can find her Bright Heart collection (as well as all of her other collections for FreeSpirit) at  

And don't forget to share with us what you have in common with Amy in the comment section of the "10 Fun Facts" post to be entered to win 10 yards of her newest collection! 

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Friday, July 17, 2015

Designer Spotlight - FreeSpirit presents Bright Heart by Amy Butler

We sat down with Amy at her home in Ohio after Spring Quilt Market to talk with her about her newest collection for FreeSpirit called Bright Heart. (And to film a few videos that we'll share with you in the coming days, sneak peek behind the scenes below!)

Here's what she told us about Bright Heart:

"My “Bright Heart” inspiration comes from a fusion of elements both internal and external, born from rich feelings of delight in celebrating what brings meaning, purpose and beauty to my world; modern flower forms, rhythmic graphics, handmade ethnic textures and rich soulful colors that signal stories with my 3 palettes; “Grounded”, “Passionate” and “Inspired”. My print inspiration and a good deal of the color combinations in my prints come from a wonderful creative adventure I experienced in Oaxaca, Mexico where the people are deeply connected to their heritage, their spirit, the natural world, and express their “hand to heart” connection with the beautiful art forms that enrich their daily lives.

It brings me great joy to translate these inspirations and keep the creative love and energy moving forward to inspire folks creating with my fabrics. This is what I love about what I do as an artist! And this collection will uniquely have a different inspiration and meaning for the next person that plays with the fabrics. That’s the best part!

Bright Heart Voile Quilt designed by Amy Butler and Kerri Thomson, available as a FREE pattern in the Discover section of
Bright Heart Cotton Quilt designed by Amy Butler and Kerri Thomson, available as a FREE pattern in the Discover section of
“Bright Heart” has 28 quilting prints in 3 unique color ways, 9 Decorator Sateen prints that coordinate beautifully with the quilting cottons, and 9 luscious voile prints, yep, a bevy of materials that are sure to inspire that next quilt, garment or home decor project on your creative wish list."

You can see the full collection on as well as download free patterns for the beautiful quilts shown above (click over to the Discover section and type in Bright Heart)!

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Thursday, July 09, 2015

Did You Know.... 10 Facts about Amy Butler!

Amy shared 10 fun facts with us and we're willing to bet that you'll be surprised with at least a few things on her list!

1. I've played organized sports since I was 8 years old and played USVBA volleyball in my 20's.

2. I'm a certified IntenSati instructor. This powerful
 workout incorporates a mind body spirit practice that includes kick boxing, dance, and yoga. You say positive affirmations while you work out! 

3. I collect rocks from all over the world. 

4. I'm a daughter of the American Revolution.

5. I'm a huge audiophile I have a massive music collection.

6. I train with a professional body builder. It's that physical fitness thing, I love learning about my body and seeing what it can do.

7. I have a fantasy about becoming a Latin dancer or a fly girl.

8. I have a comical alter ego named "Judy" who smokes fake cigarettes, cusses like a sailor and yells at people. 

9. I've been told I have gifts to become a shamanic healer and this is something I'm going to pursue. 

10. I have a hyper acute sense of smell and I enjoy mixing my own fragrance using essential oils and other single note scents. 

Share with us what you have in common with Amy in the comments section and be entered to win 10 yards of her new fabric collection, Bright Heart!! Contest is now CLOSED! Congrats to Stephanie Daniel for winning!
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Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Designer Spotlight - Amy Butler

In July we're celebrating Amy Butler all month long - around the office we're even thinking about changing the name of the month from "July" to "The Month of Amy Butler" Stay tuned for giveaways, videos, and great posts about one of your favorite designers and don't forget to check our Facebook and YouTube pages, along with our Instagram page, for more great stuff about Amy! #DesignerSpotlight #iamafreespirit

Amy Butler is a creative designer known for her sophisticated yet relaxed modern approach to printed fabrics and products for home, fashion and craft. She grew up in a family of creative women that were always painting, drawing, sewing, quilting, crocheting and knitting. A childhood spent in a nurturing environment of "making wonderful arts and crafts" inspired her to study fashion and surface design in art school. In 2001 Amy started her first sewing pattern collection. She quickly followed up with her first range of fabrics and brought modern styling to the sewing arts– inspiring a new generation of young women to find their own style. She finds creative inspiration in travel, gardening, art, music, and connecting with people.

Amy believes that through who we are and what we do, we can inspire great change in ourselves, each other, and in the world. That we can inspire those around us to become happier & more confident through discovering our own creativity. And with love, passion, and excitement, we can find true joy in every aspect of our lives.

She works from her studio in Central Ohio with her husband David, 4 cats, and a small staff of amazing friends. Her fabrics, patterns, handbags, design and project books & home decor products are sold worldwide. Please visit to find out more.

Want to see more from Amy? Visit her at her social pages, shown below, to get a sneak peek inside her life and the great adventures she finds living out her perpetual wanderlust!

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Twitter -
Instagram -
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