Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Master of Color and Design

(c)Tony Bartholomew/Turnstone Media
In the purest sense of the word, Kaffe Fassett is a true artisan. His career, spanning more than four decades, has influenced fashion design, quilt design, fabric design, knitting, patchwork and needlework. Through his journey he has opened our eyes to see color as a whole rather than as distinct and separate units.

Kaffe, once again, uses his mastery in blending the simplicity of brilliant two-color prints with intriguing textures to create an extension of his Artisan offering.  Introducing Artisan Red and Artisan Pastel, offering a second layer of color in ruby reds, soft pinks and dove greys. Collectively, these 100% cotton, hand-dyed batiks, yarn-dyed woven and Ikat fabrics work nicely across each other whether Blue or Pastel or Red or Sunny.
“In designing the total offering of  Artisan, my first choice of coloring were these rich, passionate reds. My thoughts were of Slavic dancing skirts, colorfully whirling about, with their wide bands of  embroidered flowers.”

The thoughtfully-blended Pastel range offers a fresh  aesthetic, especially the  crispness of the blue and white amongst the soft pinks   and dove greys. In using Artisan across all the colorways, the chalky blue and white become a very lively combination within  quilts.”

Artisan Pastel and Sunny in stores now!

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Thursday, August 17, 2017

QuiltFolk features Anna Maria Horner

Quiltfolk features
FreeSpirit Designer Anna Maria Horner
Have you heard? Quiltfolk is a quarterly magazine that celebrates the people, places and stories behind the stitches. 

For Issue 04 (available October), Quiltfolk traveled to Nashville, Tennessee, where they caught up with Anna Maria at her beautiful brick and mortar store, Craft South!
The feature will explore Anna Maria’s career, creative process, and her vision for the future!

Each issue of Quiltfolk travels to a new state - exploring the quilting community through local quilts, quilters and quilting destinations. It’s an advertisement- free, keepsake quality magazine with over 160 pages per issue. Oregon, Iowa, Hawaii and Tennessee are the first four states profiled in year one.  

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Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Artist UnSEWn series presents Charlotte by Tanya Whelan

Charlotte by Tanya Whelan

Charlotte represents the most "girly" side of my design personality. Sometimes it just feels so good to go full on, unabashedly feminine and Charlotte definitely does this. I wanted the collection to feel light, breezy and cool but with a little pop. I did this by combining saturated foreground pinks and greens with light but saturated back ground colors of green and blue. But my favorite colorway has to be the grey. I love the way the foreground pinks work with the grey providing a beautiful and sophisticated neutral contrast. 

Royal Rose, the main floral in the collection, is one of favorite designs ever. As anyone who's familiar with my work knows, I'm a lover of the rose in design, and Royal Rose I think is about as pretty as it gets. The smaller florals, dot prints and checks round out the collection. 

I love this collection for light dresses, dressing robes and pajamas bottoms. I don't always sew for myself from my collections but I couldn't resist making pair of pajama pants for myself with Charlotte. I also love the little baby blanket I made with appliquéd stars. 

I think the contrast of floral fabrics cut into graphic geometric shapes works really well. I hope sewists and quilters have as much creating beautiful designs with Charlotte as I did creating it.

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