Sunday, October 13, 2013

Coming soon!

The latest designer collections will be on display at Quilt Market next week. The buzz of excitement gets louder and louder every passing day. Before the show opens, we'd like to give you a peek at some of the collections we'll be showing off. Today, it's the latest from David Butler.

If you're wondering about his inspiration, read on. Vagabond features 7 prints across 24 fabrics that bring more of designer David Butler's folk-modern sensibility to the quilting and fashion world. With a broad range of richly muted jewel tones and deep grey hues, Vagabond explores the hand-drawn inspiration of travels into the back streets and high deserts of the middle east, and the rich rainforest jungles and temples of Indonesia. The two worlds are brought together with an exciting, sophisticated layering of prints that harken to lush markets, buzzing cities and rich adventure travel. Although the colorations are unique, each print in Parson Gray's Vagabond works in tandem with his past collections Curious Nature, Seven Wonders, & World Tour. The adventure continues!

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