Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Inspiration for Parson Gray's new collection... Empire

The 5th fabric collection by designer David Butler for FreeSpirit fabrics under his brand guise Parson Gray, EMPIRE reflects David’s ongoing exploration of global design and richly muted jewel tones. Modern interpretations of ancient weavings, architecture and folk art from Japan, China, and India combined in hand-drawn elements create a story across three distinct color palettes. These three palettes are designed to work in harmony with each other, and also with past Parson Gray collections Vagabond, World Tour, Seven Wonders and Curious Nature. The Empire collection includes both cotton and flannel prints.

Flannel prints ONLY available in US.  Patterns available on www.makeitcoats.com
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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Tiddlywinks by Dena Designs

 Tiddlywinks is the perfect collection for little girls. It brings to life a charming little girl’s tea party with all of her favorite things: butterflies, flowers, cupcakes and more. Hand painted imagery with colorful coordinates make it fun to mix and match for any sewing project.

Birthday Party Dress pattern - oliver + s pattern.  Tea Party Set patterns available on www.makeitcoats.com
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Monday, June 16, 2014

Inspirtation behind Anna Maria Horner's Pretty Potent Collection

I’ve always considered sitting in front of a plant with a pencil and paper the best drawing class you can take. Looking to nature for inspiration and instruction on beauty is an old and welcome practice in all forms of making art. Using the natural world for healing is perhaps even an older practice. In my Pretty Potent collection, I drew inspiration specifically from plants and flowers that are often used for healing. While they possess properties to heal our physical bodies, the very beauty of the plants themselves seems intended to be a balm for the soul. Potent and pretty. The duality enchanted me. The three palettes of quilting cotton carry a healthy dose of color.
Quilt pattern available on www.makeitcoats.com

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Lovelorn from Jenean Morrison

Unrequited love is a fantastic subject for art, evoking a bittersweet quality in life which can move us  more than a purely happy story. A hint of sadness seems to make life’s sweet things that much sweeter: colors are more vibrant, flowers more beautiful, shapes and lines and forms are more interesting and evocative.
So here’s a collection full of the artifacts of love -- flowers, interweaving lines and forms which mimic the way one’s life can be interwoven with another’s– these images and colors are meant to recall love in all its splendor. And if love and passion are unrequited, then these talismans of romance are perhaps more potent in their isolation as recreations of the interiors of our hearts and souls, physical manifestations of the sensation of being ... Lovelorn.

Quilt project available on www.makeitcoats.com, Dress - McCalls pattern; M5882 OOP.
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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Beauty Queen by Jennifer Paganelli

A Beauty Queen always gets flowers so I wanted big colorful bouquets, and to infuse lots of color and give her a bouquet to remember. How about a Beauty Queen quilt? Something to celebrate the Beauty Queen in all of us. I always reach for saturated color and greens, blues and pinks are high on my roster of color choices. But it was primarily the florals and the way they would interact with the two  dimensional designs that got me most excited. We have our wonderful crisp stripe and you can choose to go vertical, horizontal, and every which way to create the most dynamic of quilts, apparel and home decor products. I also included a border print that jumps around and gives it all that party vibration and a wonderful chain link for tying it all together.

Patterns available on www.makeitcoats.com
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Friday, June 06, 2014

Inspiration behind Tanya Whelan's Slipper Roses Collection

Inspired by the soft pink of a ballet slipper Slipper Roses is a classic, ultra feminine and romantic collection of iconic rose prints.  Both soft and deep hues of pink and soft greens color this collection of lush, timeless florals with soft pink, green and pale blue backgrounds. Pin dots, checked tickings and trellis designs combine with perfect roses to round out this oh so girly collection.
Slipper Roses Dress - Vogue Pattern V8874; www.voguepatterns.mccall.com

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