Friday, October 31, 2008

A Peek into the International Quilt Market

International Quilt Market was quite the event in Houston, Texas! It was a gathering of great artists and designers that were able to show and display their hard work and great ideas. The Westminster booths were very busy with eager shop owners that were ready to get their hands on the new lines. Many quilts were displayed throughout the Westminster booths that showed quilts that we offer as a free pattern online that were very encouraging to quilt makers! Some quilts were made just days prior so if you see images of quilts and they are not on the website, they are coming soon! There was a great response to our new designers' and the fabric that they were showing as well.

The booth for Westminster Fibers Finished Products also had a great response from customers as well. We felt that the umbrellas and reading glasses were the top favorites! More on when these products will be available in local shops will be available soon. Remember, we are still in the early stages of creating this great Westminster division!

Pictures below are all from the International Quilt Market that was held last week! Please comment on what you like and any thoughts you have! We will be posting a blog soon that will show fun and silly pictures of all of our great designers! Enjoy!

Jenian Morrison with her Moondance display, David Walker with his Robots Quilt

Melissa Averinos displaying Sugar Snap, Heather Bailey displaying Pop Garden

Westminster Fibers selling booths

Jane Sassaman in her Prairie Gothic booth

Anna Marria Horner's booth displaying Good Folks

Tina Given's booth displaying Fairy Tip Toes and Treetop Fancy collection

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Headed for Quilt Market!!

Hey everyone! It's that time again and we will be leaving for the International Quilt Market in Houston, Texas tomorrow afternoon. We will be setting up Thursday and Friday and the show will start Saturday and continue until Monday! We are expecting fun and creative booths from all of our designers and we are very excited to see what they will create this year! We also have new designers that will be experiencing their first show so we know they will be presenting creative booths as well. Unfortunately, everyone is not able to go to these shows so I am bringing the show to you so you are able to see what the designers come up with! Here are some pictures from our Spring 08' Quilt Market and upon returning, I will be sure to post pictures from the International Quilt Market! Enjoy!

Donna Dewberry's booth displaying Daisies collection

Anna Maria Horner's booth displaying Drawing Room collection

Valori Wells displaying Olive Rose collection

Tanya Whelan displaying Ava Rose collection

Westminster Fibers booth with different designer's quilts being displayed

You never know what creations you might see at Quilt Market!
A Heather Ross display showing the Medocino collection

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Finished Products

Hey everyone! I wanted to welcome everyone to our finished products division that is being introduced at the Quilt Market next week in Houston, Texas. Libby Brooks, our New Business Manager is the head of this division and Leann Spadaro, Associate Product Manager is working closely with her to find, develop and create all of the finished products that are in the works. Some finished products that we will be showing at Market are: quilt in a bag, aprons, umbrellas, storage boxes, Fabricware, bathroom accessories, canvas bags and many more. Below are samples that have been made out of a few of our designers fabrics. All products will in some way have our designers fabrics and/or designs on them. We are very excited about this new division of Westminster Fibers and hope you enjoy a sneak peak at some of our samples and ideas!

Napkin Holder and Napkin Rings in our Fabricware

fabric by Anna Maria Horner

Large Fluted Bowl with Tongs in our Fabricware

fabric by Anna Maria Horner

Wooden Handle Umbrella

fabric by Kaffe Fassett

Feel free to leave comments with thoughts and ideas about our new products division!
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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Free Quilt Patterns!

We have recently been informed that many do not know about the free quilt patterns that offers. For most collections we have a quilt made and then post the picture along with the directions to assemble the quilt accessible on our website. So be sure to check out all of the quilts so you can find the perfect one you would like to make!

New Quilt Patterns Recently added:
'Far Out Quilt' created by Cheryl Adam with fabric from the Sugar Snap collection by Melissa Averinos.

'Prairie Gothic Quilt' created by Cheryl Adam with fabric from the Prairie Gothic collection by Jane Sassaman.

Quilt Patterns Coming Soon:

'Everything's Coming Up Roses Quilt' created by Cheryl Adam with fabric from Roses collection by Donna Dewberry.

'Prickley Rose Quilt' created by Cheryl Adam with fabric from Savon Bouquet collection by Verna Mosquera
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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Our New and Exciting Designers

With the International Quilt Market coming up very fast that will be held in Houston Texas, it is the appropriate time to recognize our new FreeSpirit designers that will be presenting their new fabrics at market.

Our first designer that will be introduced at market presents a "unexpected and exuberant designs in brights and pastels". Melissa Averinos will be presenting her Sugar Snap collection which is sure to be popular due to it's uniqueness and choice of colors. Guaranteed to have a great booth at Market!

Next we have a very popular designer who is mostly known for being a great designer on the show Project Runway, who has recently stepped into the realm of fabric. This would be Jay McCarroll with his upcoming collections Woodland Wonderland and Garden Friends. These collections are very different in the sense that it has opened the door into a new sector of fabrics. What I mean by this is he finds an interesting and exciting way to incorporate such things as ants, bees all the way to tomatoes in his collections of fabric! Jay McCarroll will also be having a booth at Market that will be exciting to see!

Showing a great collection of fun and fantasy would be David Walker with his two new collections, Robots and Spring Fling. Robots is a "Charming collection of stars, rockets, robots and fun". His Spring Fling collection is quite a contrast to the Robots collections consisting of sweet characters such as butterflies, ducks, bees and bears. His collections are sure to inspire a fun children's project.

This designer has brought small print patterns to FreeSpirit that are quite refreshing for a lot of quilters. They are fun patterns that you can not only make amazing quilts with, but many other projects around the home. Jenean Morrison is presenting her Moondance collection that is sure to get the creative minds churning!

Last but not least Annette Tatum is introducing her first collection also. Annette Tatum’s debut collection of "floral, ticking stripes, and geometrics introduce a fresh pastel palette with vintage inspired charm." This collection goes by the name House and is sure to excite people that will be seeing it at International Quilt Market.

All of the collections will be coming soon to the FreeSpirit website where you will be able to explore each collection. Also, check out their blogs and websites for more information on the designers and to see inspiring pictures and projects! Best Blogger TipsShare/Bookmark