Thursday, August 21, 2014

Inspiration behind Nel Whatmore's new Merry Go Round collection

Nel shares her inspiration in her own words "Merry Go Round is inspired by the joys of the fun fair. From spinning wheels and carousels it aims to evoke a feeling of playfulness and the joys of a great day out. I am always drawn to circular forms and curved lines. I just can’t help it! We have a fair that comes to town every year here in Tadcaster.  Fairs fascinate me; from the people that run them to the patterns and lavish decorations. I liked the idea of producing a kaleidoscope of color that echoes the joy of a day out at the fair."

Visit to see the entire collection as well as read more about Nel and be inspired by our free projects!  

Click here for the Merry Go Round Quilt and Merry Go Round Pillow patterns!
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