Friday, May 22, 2009

Quilt Market Round 2

Now is the time we show you all our pretty quilts that our quilt designers put together for us. You can see the quality and hard work that they put in to them! We also will give you a sneak peak at free downloads that will soon be on our website!
From left is the Monaco quilt; both quilts to the right are Deer Valley quilts
To the left is a honeycomb quilt out of the Wildwood collection, and to the right is an all around the world quilt from Picnic Parade
Jennifer Paganelli introduced three collections at market and this picture displays each of the collections
Scott Hansen proudly stands beside his quilts he made for the collections Be A Man on the left and Christmas Snowflower on the right
We created this tailgate display for Be A Man that was very eye catching
The Lion of Judah was quite the colorful display! We handed out brochures that told the general story of the movie and we were showing the trailer for this movie
Libby Brooks, our New Business Manager for Finished Products, was able to stop for a picture between her busy moments at her booth!
Libby and Nancy Jewell were busy giving presentations for the many Finished Products that are new to WestminsterNancy Jewell is the Manager of New Business Development for Sewing and was busy telling people about her Embroidery Kits. You will here more about those later!

And of course, Scott Jarrard was at market giving everyone a sneak peak at his Boogie Monsters line that is coming out in August!

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Market Update!

Everyone at Westminster Fibers survived yet another quilt market and we have plenty to talk about. While driving to the hotel from the airport we found ourselves lost on top of a mountian, overlooking Pittsburgh. Not a bad place to get lost! It was beautiful and we had to jump out of the car to take a few pictures. The town was filled with great architecture that really made some buildings stand out. Even the convention center was known for how 'Green' it was; filled with natural light to show off all of the booths.
Vicki Payne, a new artist under FreeSpirit, had an eye-catching booth that really showed off her new home dec fabric, For Your Home. She had large fabric pieces hanging from her light blue walls, covered cushions, large pillows and decorating ideas in her booth. This booth really showed what you can do with home dec fabric and how you can take advantage of the thicker texture of the fabric.

Here is a beautiful chair with a custom cushion made from the collection For Your Home. This animal print fabric really popped and the contrast fabric for the trim really stood out. Great choice for colors.

Valori Wells was also introducing her new line called Del Hi. The quilts on the left are a pattern that Valori designed for the free download on the FreeSpirit site. She does one quilt in the bright colorway of her fabrics, then a more earth toned quilt to the right. This collection was quite the hit at market and she did some fun stuff in her booth with her new fabric as well. She also had a booth for her fabric store called, The Stitchen Post that was right beside her Del Hi booth. Not only did she show off her great new fabric line, but she was also showing (and wearing) her new shirts that will be coming out that really catch the eye!

Valori Wells on right

More posts on quilt market coming soon!

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Free Project and Updates!

It is crunch time for FreeSpirit as we leave for International Quilt Market in Pittsburgh tomorrow! There are always last minute documents to print and items to pack, but we would never leave you without something before we go! We wanted to leave you with this great free pattern that was provided by Coats and Clark. This little basket (that you can make in many different sizes) is handy for a napkin holder in the kitchen, or to hold note cards in your office. Also, if you decide to make this project, please send us pictures because we would love to see what fabric you put together and the ribbon and thread you chose. Now for the 'updates' portion of the post; Coats and Clark has now jumped on the Blogger train and is now hosting their own blog! As you will always find fabric updates on our blog, you can now follow their blog as well to keep up with thread tips and tricks and many more exciting things. But you will have to visit their blog to know everything!

Thanks for stopping by and we will come back from market with great pictures, news and many stories to share! And if you are a reader of the blog and are going to market, be sure to mention that you keep up with us here, we always like the feedback!
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