Thursday, August 17, 2017

QuiltFolk features Anna Maria Horner

Quiltfolk features
FreeSpirit Designer Anna Maria Horner
Have you heard? Quiltfolk is a quarterly magazine that celebrates the people, places and stories behind the stitches. 

For Issue 04 (available October), Quiltfolk traveled to Nashville, Tennessee, where they caught up with Anna Maria at her beautiful brick and mortar store, Craft South!
The feature will explore Anna Maria’s career, creative process, and her vision for the future!

Each issue of Quiltfolk travels to a new state - exploring the quilting community through local quilts, quilters and quilting destinations. It’s an advertisement- free, keepsake quality magazine with over 160 pages per issue. Oregon, Iowa, Hawaii and Tennessee are the first four states profiled in year one.  

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1 comment:

Karen said...

I have issues 02 and 03! Looking forward to issue 04 with Anna Maria! It's such a beautiful magazine to enjoy over and over again.