Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Artist UnSEWn series presents Charlotte by Tanya Whelan

Charlotte by Tanya Whelan

Charlotte represents the most "girly" side of my design personality. Sometimes it just feels so good to go full on, unabashedly feminine and Charlotte definitely does this. I wanted the collection to feel light, breezy and cool but with a little pop. I did this by combining saturated foreground pinks and greens with light but saturated back ground colors of green and blue. But my favorite colorway has to be the grey. I love the way the foreground pinks work with the grey providing a beautiful and sophisticated neutral contrast. 

Royal Rose, the main floral in the collection, is one of favorite designs ever. As anyone who's familiar with my work knows, I'm a lover of the rose in design, and Royal Rose I think is about as pretty as it gets. The smaller florals, dot prints and checks round out the collection. 

I love this collection for light dresses, dressing robes and pajamas bottoms. I don't always sew for myself from my collections but I couldn't resist making pair of pajama pants for myself with Charlotte. I also love the little baby blanket I made with appliqu├ęd stars. 

I think the contrast of floral fabrics cut into graphic geometric shapes works really well. I hope sewists and quilters have as much creating beautiful designs with Charlotte as I did creating it.

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lfhpueblo said...

Roses remind me of my mother. Roses were her favorite flowers. She was pretty mad when my Dad dug and threw her rose bushes out to put in a concrete driveway. She had them lined up in a row between our house and the neighbors house. The neighbors had dogs and weren't real good about regularly cleaning up the droppings from the dogs, so the roses really did help to block the smells when the wind blew the wrong direction. Lauralee Hensley lfhpueblo (at) msn (dot) com

Linda said...

I just love these fabrics!