Monday, November 05, 2012

12 Weeks of Christmas-Week 6

Well folks, we are half way there! We hope you are well in to your gift making but we still have many great tutorials to bring you through the next several weeks. So today we have a tutorial from ElyseSusanDesign, so see below for a great tutorial! Also, be sure to stop by her blog for a giveaway!

Hey everyone! My name is Elyse and I have a quick and easy Curling/Hair Straightner holder tutorial that is great to give to your girlfriends for gifts! From cutting to finish, this will take less than an hour which is always a treat! So let's get started!

1 fat quarter (this is more than enough but everyone has a fat quarter sitting around!)
1 fat quarter size piece of quilt batting
1 fat quarter size piece of Insul-Brite (they sell this by the yard at most local fabric stores)

1-Lay your fabric on top of your batting. Take a ruler and a fabric pen and make diagnol lines from corner to corner, each line being an inch apart. Then, draw lines the opposite direction to create a quilted checker look. Put a few pins through both layers to hold the batting to the fabric.

2-Next you are going to sew across each line you just drew. It's best to start in the middle because you have less shifting with your fabric.

3-Once you have completed an entire side, start sewing the lines that are in the opposite direction. Again, starting in the middle to reduce any shifting.

4-Once your top is all quilted, take your quilted piece along with your Insul-Brite and let's cut out the flat-iron holder! You want to cut a 12" x 9" rectangle. Once you have done that you are going to round the corner to look like the photo above.

6-Now you are going to add your binding. Your binding is what is going to hold the Insul-Brite to your quilted top. PLEASE NOTE- on the Insul-Brite there is a shiny side. The shiny side is what you want your curling iron or straigtner to touch so make sure you pin the dull side to the quilted top and the shiny side is facing out. This is very important! After I made my binding I loosely laid the binding around to measure how much I needed.

7-After you have the binding cut, start pinning it around all of your layers-the quilted top and the Insul-Bright.

8-You want to stitch the binding very close-just like an edge stitch. Continue sewing until your binding is sewn all the way around.

9- Now that your binding is attached, you want to fold the rectangle in half like above. You are then going to take your ruler and measure 3 inches down, from the top and make a mark. Once this is done pin where needed. You are going to start sewing at the 3 inch mark you have made and sew straight down right along the binding stitch you just made. You are going to keep your stitching right on the biniding stitch you just created so that it looks like one stitch. You are going to sew until you get to the end of the binding. This creates the envelope for you to store your straightner or curling iron!
Tada! Here is a great gift for your friends that they will surely love! It's great for travel as well. You can also monogram them or add ribbon to add more detail to the project. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Be sure to stop over at my blog for a great giveaway!
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Terry@ a quilting blog said...

What a fun (and very useful) tutorial...TFS!

VickiT said...

I love this tutorial! It's very good and something I can use to make for a few friends who travel for their jobs. Thank you.

Rosa said...

It`s very cute and great idea!

Judith said...

I am going to make this for my daughters. Makes a great gift for the holidays and I do not have to fight the crowds. Thank you for sharing. Judith, Texas

Judy1522 said...

What a great idea definitely one that I will be using.

BizyStitches said...

Fun gift to make. I just happen to see this today, I wish I knew where to get the list of the others who are in the 12 weeks of Christmas hop.???

DebBees said...

What a great gift and so simple and cute

Unknown said...

Wow it's really amazing . Now i know various use of curling iron . It's really nice. Thanks to share this informative post.
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Anonymous said...

This can be made by hand if you get a dollar store square pot holder, fold it in half, and sew its edges.