Friday, September 22, 2017

National Sewing Month Featuring Verna Mosquera

Verna Mosquera shares her sewing story for National Sewing Month!

When I was a little girl my grandmother would come from Guatemala and spend about 6 months out of every year with my family. She was always sewing and doing handwork. She let me use her sewing machine a little. My mom realized I had a true interest in learning so one summer at the age of 9 she signed me up for a 6 week class at the Singer store in the local mall. 

I really loved the class and remember our summer project was to make a vest. At the end of the class there was a fashion show in the mall in which you would get to wear (show off) your creation. Well, even as a young girl I was a bit of an over achiever. I didn’t just make a vest I made a 3 piece suit! A jacket, pants, vest and a collared shirt. It was just lovely made of tan polyester and calico flowers. I mean it doesn’t get better than that. 

This past winter my mom passed away. As I was looking through some of her items I found the plaque from the trophy I had won. First place, no doubt. So funny because I had no recollection of winning any prize just the memory of proudly wearing that stunning 70’s creation. Thought it was pretty sweet of my mom to save it. That class changed my life and I thank my mom Vicky for recognizing my passions before I was able to. 

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Unknown said...

Loved the story, and the designer. Thanks so much for sharing.