Monday, September 04, 2017

National Sewing Month Featuring Denyse Schmidt

Denyse shares her earliest sewing memory in honor of National Sewing Month!

My first sewing project was a dress for my Barbie.  I knew then that this was my calling and I had to continue to put needle and thread to fabric.

I learned to sew from my mother. She was 'doing it all' before it was a thing – she raised four kids, earned two masters degrees, worked full time and somehow found time to entertain, reupholster furniture, and make clothes for herself and her kids. My mother learned to sew from her grandmother, and I remember my mother telling me she made everything, including underwear! I found out after I started my business that my great grandmother also made utilitarian quilts – the kind of quilts that I love -- made in a hurry from old clothing and out of necessity.

When I was a kid, I had a toy sewing machine that always jammed which was super frustrating. I remember wanting to sew on a 'real' machine early on – I think my mother knew I would be a serious stitcher at that point! I sewed softies, doll clothes and home accessories for my dollhouse.      

In my high school Home Economics class, one of my projects was a linen, double-breasted skirt suit with bound buttonholes and pockets. I was always pretty ambitious and impatient!  My first 'professional' sewing job was working in the costume shop at the Boston Ballet. Early in the season, I made a terrible mess of a tutu – sewing yards and yards of delicate silk tulle to essentially a pair of underpants – but managed to keep my job! The rest is history!

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tpott said...

Denise, your mother sounds like an amazing woman!!! I read what you wrote two times, to make sure I read it right. WOW! What I wouldn't do for her dedication and energy. Thanks for the post I love learning about peoples history and how it brings them to where they are now.
;-> Toni Anne

Anonymous said...

What a treat to read about how your story began! It makes using your designs even more special. My love with textiles began with a clothespin doll kit under the Christmas tree. All those bits of fabric spoke to me. Now they have their own room! Thank you for sharing.