Monday, June 19, 2017

The Artist UnSEWn Series presents Quiet Moments by Coats Designer Shell Rummel

Artist Statement
I find immense joy in the quiet moments spent seaside, meandering along the coast barefoot in early morning before the hustle of the day begins. Soft solitude allows the eye to see things in a different light. My Quiet Moments collection is directly inspired by ocean elements such as the shimmering tide, swaying ocean grasses and urchins found along the jetty. This modern coastal collection is sure to resonate with all who love the sea. My Shell Rummel fabric collections tend towards a more sophisticated design aesthetic always softened with fluid lines and a warm painterly hand. When gathering inspiration from the natural world around me, I aim to honor the edges, the delicate details, the lines and shadows and spaces in between. The soft palettes and patterns of my Quiet Moments collection layer beautifully and will add a stunning air of refined tranquility to any sewing, craft or home d├ęcor project.

One of my earliest, most vivid memories is traveling to Atlantic City for a day trip to the beach. We were so young, my sister, cousins and I, all crammed shoulder to shoulder into the back of a hot station wagon for the hour long drive to the sea. Fidgeting and loudly giggling….maybe even complaining for most of the way:) but, a change in demeanor the moment we’d begin to sense we were getting close. Excitement palpable, we’d quiet…our noses and small fingers pressed against the windows, gently maneuvering and straining necks to get that first glimpse of the ocean as we’d drive by… I can still recall seeing that glimmer of green blue at the horizon line for the very first time – and, the grasses, taller than I was, swaying slowly beyond the edge of the boardwalk – and, the sandy shoreline, speckled with treasure sharing my name. The journey there, only an hour away, always seemed impossibly far off in my young mind… but arriving, for me, always felt like coming home.

All these years later, the ocean still holds me tightly within its grasp and under its spell.  Although now I am landlocked, it’s often saltwater I crave. As an artist, watercolors are my chosen medium and no wonder… there is an inherent wild and unpredictable flow that reminds of the place I love. The transparency of pigment enhances my designs, adding subtlety and nuance. I mix my palette by hand, with a nod to the sea… blues and greens, driftwood greys, pretty corals and sands… those colors have a timeless modern coastal vibe that is universally felt and that bring many of us back to earliest memories spent seaside, a simpler, quieter time in many ways.

Artists create best from places of deep significance and resonance. My Quiet Moments collection was born from my desire to share this feeling that I hold dear. I wanted my patterns to honor coastal elements that I love to explore, like the mysterious crevices and rocks of my beloved jetty, the graceful swoop of the grasses near the boardwalk and the intricate tile work from seaside architecture that made quite an impression, catching the eye of a very young Shell. By honoring the natural and by being true and authentic to the artist within, I hope to encourage creativity on a grand scale! I hope Quiet Moments makes you feel relaxed, nostalgic and inspired at the very same time.    

Moonlight Quilt designed by Sherri Noel
Ocean Rhythm designed by Brittney Anderson

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Julie said...

My husband is a casualty insurance adjuster. When BP had the oil spill a few years ago, he was called to work at a claims office along the coast of Alabama and we live in central TX. He decided to rent a beach home on Dauphin Island instead of staying in a hotel.The moment I walked into the beach house I knew it was perfect.

When my husband and I were first married we talked about building a house. We drew up some floor plans. We talked about a balcony/loft overlooking the living room. The living room would have a wall of windows overlooking a patio/porch and a wonder view.

The beach house was that exact floor plan. The loft had it's own bathroom, bunk beds, and a play area for children. The main floor had 4 bedrooms including a master suite, full kitchen, and dining room. The porch off the living room was huge and looked out onto the beach and water. It was my dream house.

I got to spend a few long weekends there relaxing on the porch and walking the beach. It was wonderful while it lasted.

Angie said...

Very beautiful quilts!! Have a wonderful day;!

lisa0116 said...

Not sure if we are to comment here or on the blog. So, commenting here. My favorite beach story would be when I was 10 and my big sister was 16. We were walking our dog which was a Bedlington Terrier on the beach. We were stopped by this man with a big old beer gut, no shirt, shorts on. He stopped us to inquire about our rare breed dog that looked like a lamb. He had beer in hand too. A few minutes later his brother Governor Jimmy Carter and wife Rosalyn came to fetch old Billy boy...Jimmy's little brother off the beach to go to dinner. President Jimmy Carter was the Governor of Georgia back then and we were in Mexico Beach, Florida visiting from our home in Georgia. Who knew he vacationed in the same spot we did several times a year.