Thursday, July 07, 2016

Kathy Doughty introduces Material Obsession

Kathy Doughty's Material Obsession shop has been one of Australia's favorite quilt stops! Kathy's eye for quilting and mixing colors and pattern are nothing short of impressive. Kathy told us a bit more about her shop and her love of quilting. 

"I have been a shop owner since 2003. Material Obsession is a creative centre where people come to explore color and design freely and with support."

"As a self taught quilter my experience expanded on the floor of the shop working directly with customers helping them with their quilting issues.  I have an eclectic style developed from the many influences of the talented quilters I work with including many popular Australian designers.  My quilts grow organically inspired by challenging fabrics….stripes, plaids, big and colourful prints…if it looks like it might not sell you’ll find it in one of my quilts to demonstrate how to use the fabric."

"Combining contemporary designer fabrics has always been my area of expertise.  Long before colourful big prints were popular they were all we had on the shelves.  Exciting combinations of print on print are my specialty.  My quilt designs are never complicated technically but rather create interest by the way the fabric is used."

"My workshops are geared to encourage quilters to be confident in their decision making by providing methods for selecting fabrics, choosing techniques and generally reducing quilter confusion."

"Being a FreeSpirit designer is like coming home.  The names of the designers on the team comprise the majority of my stash and quilts.  In the beginning, customers would walk in my shop, look at the walls and declare, “this shop will never last!”   Determined to prove them wrong I set out to change the perception of what is acceptable in a quilt…"

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