Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Designer Spotlight - Denyse Schmidt

FreeSpirit designer Denyse Schmidt, hailed as the mother of modern quilting, is our featured designer this month.

Denyse grew up in central Massachusetts around many old textile mill towns, a setting that is embedded in her inspiration today. Her parents were both makers, with her mother sewing clothing for four kids and her father making furniture; this spirit is embedded in her and Denyse started making things when she was little and has never stopped. 

A former graphic designer and graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, Denyse Schmidt has helped to change the way we think about quilts. Intrigued by the rich historical nature of quilts and inspired by beauty born of necessity, Denyse adds her distinctive aesthetic sensibility – clean, spare lines, rich colour and bold graphics – to this rich art form. 

Though firmly rooted in the techniques of American quilt-making, Denyse Schmidt is renowned for her fresh, offbeat approach to design and colour and has won acclaim from the worlds of art, design and craft. As author of Denyse Schmidt Quilts (Chronicle Books, 2005) and Modern Quilts, Traditional Inspiration (STC Craft, 2012); fabric designer for FreeSpirit and Fabric Traditions; and teacher of a series of popular improvisational patchwork piecing workshops; Denyse continues to inspire with her witty take on tradition. Denyse’s studio is located in a historic factory building in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

View from the second story of the historic factory building where Denyse's studio is located.
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Instagram - https://instagram.com/dsquilts 
Facebook - www.facebook.com/DenyseSchmidtQuilts
Website - http://dsquilts.com/

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