Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Designer Spotlight - Anna Maria Horner

NEW from FreeSpirit!  Each month we will be highlighting one of our amazing FreeSpirit designers using video, photography, infographs and a profile that includes our “Did You Know… 10 Facts about our FreeSpirit Designer”.  This month we are celebrating Anna Maria Horner!  Anna's newest collection, Folk Song, is hitting stores this month!  

To many the Anna Maria brand means color & inspiration in the form of craft, sewing, 
needlework, books, and friendly how-to. Since 2006 her ever-growing library of fabrics has delighted and adorned creative souls around the globe. She has been the face (or rather the hands as she likes to think) of Janome Sewing Machines since 2011.  As of 2014 Anna Maria is also the founder and proprietor of Nashville's Craft South.  Craft South will open the doors to its permanent location in the Spring of 2015.

There have been varied stops on her path to here, but a common element in all of her work, whether fashion, quilting or fine art, is a passion for the language of color. She continued to realize her point of view in many disciplines and they began to form a dialogue, one bettering the other- promoting growth in her design range. Somewhere around 2001, her fascination with taking an idea through all the necessary steps from her sketchbook to a store shelf sparked the momentum to create a brand. Anna Maria's fresh perspectives within traditional markets and her vision of being surrounded by the work of her own hands has led her to partnering with dozens of manufacturers to design homewares, gift items, textiles, authoring three sewing books, and publishing a continuing collection of sewing and needlework patterns. In recent years her focus has intensified in the craft and creative industry where her heart has always been.

Anna Maria and her husband, Jeff, make their home on a rambling and not overly maintained two acres of happiness in Nashville. Their seven children range in age from 19mos to 23. Together they embrace both the charming wonders and the imperfect moments of raising a large family. She is inspired daily by the spontaneity and tempo of it all.

Share with us what you love about Anna Maria Horner!

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Susie Cooper said...

Anna Maria is my favorite! Favorite colors & fabrics. I also very much enjoy her written reflections.

Susie Cooper said...

Anna Maria is my new favorite! I so look forward the release of her newest fabric collections, projects, and written reflections. Color is her thing!

mumbird3 said...

Love her fabrics!

cathy jo said...

Of course I love the unexpected color combinations she uses, but there is something just JOYFUL about her designs. They are big, loud and unapologetic about taking up so much space on the fabric! Larger than life and laughter is how I would sum up her fabric lines. Thanks for sharing your joyful life through your fabric designs!

Unknown said...

I am a huge fan of Anna Maria Horner. Her fabrics clearly reflect her talent as an artist. She also has mastered the art of life through her enjoyment of family, creativity and home life. These are passions I share with her as well. She is a "Free Spirit" and a guiding light in the growing craft movement.

Unknown said...

Couldn't be written any better. Reading this post reminds me of my old room mate! He always kept talking about this. I will forward this article to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thanks for sharing!