Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Reason to Celebrate

From Melissa Peda - 100billionstars.com

September was National Sewing Month. If your month was anything like mine, you barely noticed it was September, let alone a month long national celebration of sewing.

For most of us, sewing is not an occasional or seasonal activity. We can come up with any excuse to sew, or in the absence of time or motivation, at least buy fabric in hopes of one day finding that time and motivation. Our stashes are proof of this simple fact--filled to overflowing, crammed into hidey holes or simply set out in plain sight. We spend a lot of time dreaming and drooling about one aspect or another of sewing. Celebrating sewing is our way of life.

If I had to pick just one thing to celebrate, it would be this: options! This is an amazing time for fabric lovers and sewists. We're spoiled for choice. With so many designers putting out beautiful, unique prints, there truly is something for everyone. No matter what your style, finding the right fabric is just a click away. With the right pattern, your favorite prints and a few stolen hours at the sewing machine, you're ready to show the world who you are. And if that changes from time to time, you can always sew up something new.

If you're feeling a little boho chic, grab a bit of Zandra Rhodes' Lace Mountain collection and download our free pattern for this floppybag. There's plenty of room for a change of clothes, groceries or whatever else you need to carry. Yet when it's empty, it takes up very little space. 

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