Thursday, September 18, 2014

New... Snapshot from Verna Mosquera!

I am always amazed by the inspiration that daily life brings. My newest collection, Snapshot, grew from a simple moment in time when I looked across the table and realized that my one time little boy had grown into a young man. How did those years go by so quickly? I couldn't stop looking. In that moment completely unnoticed by him I took a mental Snapshot of him that will live in my mind forever.  When he left for school I moved into my studio and began my newest collection. It began with sepia as it is so  representative of an old photograph. Then I added pink, such a natural companion. Next came aqua, green and a hint of yellow, all colors used in days gone by. As I worked the color palette images of vintage photographs came to mind. Those images then sparked other delicate ideas - roses, small birds and more. Bit by bit Snapshot grew into something both lovely and nostalgic. Of course being the true romantic that I am it will always remind me of my son.

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