Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Grand Cayman from Marjolein Bastin

The inspiration behind Marjolein's Grand Cayman collection - When I was four years old I used to collect small stones, snail shells and of course every feather I could find in the garden. Now, decades later, as I walk through the loose sand I just can’t help myself and collect everything I can find for my home. I have collections of sea urchin shells, crab shells, conch shells and of course, glass and pottery shards that have been rolling in the waves for years and years. The blue color of the glass mirrors that of the ocean.  The beach is a lovely place to rediscover yourself; the vast mysterious ocean with all its secrets provides a calm feeling that puts your worries and concerns in perspective. These small treasures from the ocean are a reminder for your home, when you don’t have the opportunity to take a first-hand look.
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