Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Anna Maria Knits!

As the name might imply, Anna Maria Knits, is an essential grouping of color and form that perfectly suits the style and function afforded by the versatile jersey cloth. Each of the designs was derived from various collections, but all re-imagined as a group to offer a little something for everyone, ranging from sweet to sophisticated. Some of the simplest and most stylish fashion forms are created from jersey knit, and Anna Maria Knits provides a diverse group of designs well suited for casual tees, sassy leggings, charming dresses, inventive skirts, and more. Each of the three colorways inspires multiple mix and  match opportunities and gives the modern sewist confident choices to easily translate her favorite looks into home sewn projects.
Both Knit dresses are Anna's own pattern - Lemon Drop Dress (PTAH22)

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