Thursday, June 12, 2014

Lovelorn from Jenean Morrison

Unrequited love is a fantastic subject for art, evoking a bittersweet quality in life which can move us  more than a purely happy story. A hint of sadness seems to make life’s sweet things that much sweeter: colors are more vibrant, flowers more beautiful, shapes and lines and forms are more interesting and evocative.
So here’s a collection full of the artifacts of love -- flowers, interweaving lines and forms which mimic the way one’s life can be interwoven with another’s– these images and colors are meant to recall love in all its splendor. And if love and passion are unrequited, then these talismans of romance are perhaps more potent in their isolation as recreations of the interiors of our hearts and souls, physical manifestations of the sensation of being ... Lovelorn.

Quilt project available on, Dress - McCalls pattern; M5882 OOP.
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