Monday, March 24, 2014

Inspiration behind Tina Given's Riddles and Rhymes Collection

My new fabric collection for children captures a dreamy fairy land of friendship fairies, giant birds with crowns in the sky and floating castles. Bubble balloons lift elephants up up and away. Warm and huggable bears, bunnies and unicycle girls are on their way to the soiree in the sky.

My fairy tales don’t have poison, nor witches’ spells, wicked stepmothers or mean sisters… they’re filled with magical flights and floating clouds with crystal rain drops and feather light ships. My little creatures love to play, giggle and flit through the air, granting wishes and dreams.

Do you hear tinkling music with sweet rhyming whispers? A tiny piano and flute playing their riddles all the while the creatures dance in the air.

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