Monday, December 16, 2013

Play With Color to Create a Whimsical Design

By Kate Smith
Did the illustrations of Dr. Seuss always draw your admiration? Maybe you love to watch Lady Gaga’s imaginative style? You don’t need to consign your free-flowing creativity to designing for kids. Instead, create a color plan that highlights your personality by using these color tips to spark your creativity and add a touch of whimsy to anything you make.
Bright colors used in multi-color combinations are the calling card of a joyful design. Start by selecting 2 to four bold hues that are of similar intensity. Then the secret is to not use an equal amount of each of the colors. Choose one or two colors that you will use as main colors and use less of the other colors.

Another way to pump up the energy is to favor high-contrast color combinations. Black and white is often used because they have the most contrast but any combination of light and dark colors can produce the same effect.

Inject playfulness into any project by using color in unexpected ways. You might add whimsy by incorporating fabrics with a fun mix of prints, large-scale patterns or unusual embellishments. Adding color where it isn’t immediately seen such as on the back or inside lining is sure to be a delightful surprise that brings a smile.

Get funky by reinventing classic and traditional patterns. Nothing says young-at-heart quite like acid green and aqua blue with a pop of radiant orchid. Think bold, modern art inspired combos.
Not quite ready to make the full commitment to a playful color scheme? Start by adding an unexpected color for just a little pop of color. Starting on a small scale will get you comfortable using more vibrant colors and soon you may even have confidence to build an entire whimsical, you- inspired color palette you love.

Indulge in your inner artist or Alice in Wonderland. Using these tips will help you build the color confidence to create a playful, creative quilt—the kind that will spark the next imaginative idea.
Keys to creating a playful, whimsical, and imaginative color combination
·         Multi-color schemes in playful combinations of 4 or more colors.
·         Bright, intense colors are a natural for this scheme. But just about any 4 or more colors of similar value and intensity have a playful quality, even pastels.
·         Strong contrast between colors
·         An element of surprise or delight is key. Color, scale, or pattern used in unexpected ways is a perfect way to bring this into your design.
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