Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Piourette by Verna Mosquera . . . Ballerinas In Pink

I am so excited about the opportunity to share my new fabric line Pirouette for FreeSpirit. One of the best things about being a designer/artist is that you never know when an inspiration will arrive. Last year while attending Road To California I stopped in my favorite booth, Nifty Thrifty Dry Goods. Anyone who's ever popped in knows it's a sea of wonderful vintage ribbon, buttons and trims. Immediately I was taken in by these delicious pieces of vintage lace in the most wonderful mocha color.

Next I found a gorgeous rose appliqué in shades of pink flamingo on a sand background. Before I knew it, in that 10 x 20 foot booth an inspiration was born. I ran and asked my assistant for a cellophane bag and began to fill it with the most interesting treasures. A collection of ivory, mocha, pink and green elements. As I looked at what was growing it took me back to a time I spent in Paris many years ago with my husband. We spent numerous hours admiring the works of Degas. The delicious colors in the celo bag reminded me of those wonderful paintings of ballerinas I has seen so many years ago.
Ballerinas In Pink by Edgar Degas from wikipaintings.org
I took my bag of treasures home and when I arrived I began to hunt for images of those Degas paintings. Sure enough before long, there it was! A delicate piece called Ballerinas In Pink. I could hardly believe my eyes. The colors in the painting were exactly as I had remembered and exactly as those in my bag full of vintage materials.

In that moment Pirouette was born. I took the color palette and mixed it with wonderful vintage inspired prints. Romantic florals, vintage ticking, tartan plaid and a playful dot. I even did a tonal print filled with ballet terms. I took the pink flamingo and stretched the color to its darkest shade a delicious ruby red. To bring in a cooler color I added green but mixed a little yellow to have it keep a vintage feel.
Verna at Quilt Marke showing off her Piourette Quilt
It was hard to wait for the fabrics to arrive but meanwhile I began to envision a quilt design. I thought of a ballerina silhouette and other ballet images. Enter Prima Ballerina, an appliqué design in my recognized style. The ballerina dress was the perfect spot for the largest floral in the collection. I want that dress!!! As usual the quilt grew and the playful images we're so fun to envision each fabric in.
Much to my wonderful surprise Elyse of Westminster Fibers suggested making a ballet dress out of the collection which I think is terrific! Did I mention my only regret is not having studied ballet? I can't imagine a more graceful art. The imagery of ballerinas, tutus and ballet shoes could not be more romantic. Art is so personal and mine is often filled with that which I hold dear.
When my yardage finally arrived I was thrilled to begin working with it. Aside from Prima Ballerina I decided to make up some fun pillows from my Pillow Parade pattern. Next came some fun holiday stockings from my Christmas Treasures pattern. The line was so much fine to play with. In my mad rush to head off to market I even whipped up two projects from my upcoming book, A Vintage Sewn Lifestyle - a darling laundry bag and a charming apron.

What I love most about Pirouette is the versatility of the collection. I can hardly wait to return to my studio to keep making more things. I still want to whip a few little girls dresses and a patchwork quilt. I might even cover a chair or footstool for my living room. Maybe cover some lampshades, the possibilities are endless. I hope everyone will be as inspired by the collection as I am.

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Sunnybec said...

Your fabric is just so pretty. Linda

Rosa said...

Love,love.It`s gorgeous!!

Crafted Spaces said...

I love these new prints. There is a wonderful vintage feel to it. Possible projects are swirling around in my head.

Carrie P. said...

love pink fabric. enjoyed reading how it came to be.