Monday, October 15, 2012

Scatter Joy with Enchantment by Kathy Davis!

Editor's Note: It's October and we are featuring well-known greeting card artist Kathy Davis. Kathy loves to "Scatter Joy" which is why all of her collections have "joyful" words describing all the goodness life holds. Her newest collection, Enchantment, is no exception.

When it comes to organizing your closets, why not make it all about romance? With its misty watercolor florals and butterfly accents, my “Enchantment” fabric collection for FreeSpirit is my most romantic to date. Here, you’ll find hand-painted anemones and roses that float effortlessly across beautifully textured backgrounds – all in soft hues with just a whisper of sweetness. “Enchantment” in 27 Cotton fabrics and 9 Cotton Sateen designs offers you three colorways to choose from: Amethyst, Coral or Silver Sage.
Watch what happens when you add “Enchantment” fabric to dull, utilitarian boxes and hangers! Suddenly, organizing your closet becomes a fun activity instead of a chore.

We chose the subtle, sophisticated Silver Sage fabric for this quick-and-easy “no-sew” project that will bring you almost instant results. From wooden hangers, to boxes in a variety of shapes and sizes the fabric can be easily applied to provide you with your own “custom” collection of pretty-and-functional storage containers – for shoes, off-season clothing, sweaters, blankets…you name it! It’s a wonderful way to accessorize your space in a fresh new way.

Fabric Covered Hangers
Wooden dress or shirt hangers
Hot glue/glue gun
FreeSpirit Enchantment by Kathy Davis

Cut 1.5-2” strips of fabric (from selvage to selvage). Start by fastening the end of the first strip with hot glue to the hanger. Wrap around the hanger and fasten again with hot glue. Keep wrapping additional strips until hanger is covered with a nice padding. Tie a bow around the metal hook with a coordinating ribbon and secure the bow with hot glue.

Fabric Covered Boxes
3 sizes of ready-to-assemble cardboard storage boxes
FreeSpirit Enchantment fabric by Kathy Davis (amount varies depending on size of boxes)
Spray adhesive

Lay unfolded box lid (outside facing up) on the underside of fabric. Cut around lid, so that there is 1-2”extra on all 4 sides. Spray the outside of the lid with adhesive and flip over onto underside of fabric. Smooth fabric to minimize wrinkles. Spray around the inside edges of the lid. Fold fabric over and press down. Cut out corners of fabric. Fold in the lid per the box assembly instructions. Repeat this process for the box bottom. (Note: Metal clips can be helpful in keeping the fabric adhered to the cardboard while the spray adhesive dries.)

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• FreeSpirit Pocketful of Poppies, my new bright, whimsical fabric design. 20 Cotton fabrics available in January 2013.
• A new Kathy Davis line of home organizing products – for storage, laundry, everything you need to organize your home in colorful ways that are sure to bring you joy!
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