Thursday, July 05, 2012

Christmas in July Block 2-Pat Sloan

Pat Sloan Christmas in July 2012 "Through the Window"
Hi I'm Pat Sloan and I love to quilt. So when John Adams of Quilt Dad asks me if I wanted to join in on a fun project ... I ALWAYS said yes! John is always involved with the best projects.. and this "Christmas in July" is a blast! I was sent this yummy set of FreeSpirit fabrics... but.... I spy solids.. always a challenge for me to work with. And I LOVE a challenge


The next thing was to pick a block size, lucky for me the LARGE 18" finished block was still available.. that print is BIG and I didn't want to cut out anything.

here are the cutting directions
• Big Print - Cut 4 blocks 6.5" x 6.5"
• Solid White – Cut 4 strips 2" x 6.5"
• Solid Green-
◦ Cut 2 strips 2" x 18.5"
◦ Cut 4 strips 1.5" x WOF
◦ Cut 4 strips 1.5" x 8"
◦ Cut 1 strip 1.5" x 5"
• Small Print -
◦ Cut 1 strip 1.5" x WOF
◦ Cut 2 strips 1.5" x 5"


So how about fussy cutting those big squres. Move your ruler around to see what makes a cool block.


Maybe this one... it's more interesting then just having a circle in the center of all four blocks.


These are the four blocks I cut. I like that there is variety and I partial circles.
Tip – often you need more fabric inorder to really have variety in a large print.

Lets sew the sashings!
• Sew a WOF green solid to both sides of the WOF small print
• Sub cut 2 units that are 6.5" long.
• Sub cut 2 units that are 8" long.
• Sub cut 1 unit that is 1.5" wide. Sew the center bit
• Sew the small print to either side of the remaining green solid
• Sub cut 2 units 1.5" wide.


Sew the center unit and then position all the pieces so you sew them correctly. At this time you can switch around the large squares until you like the position.


And here is your "Through the Window" block. Want to know why I called it that? In my dream world our snow would be colorful, and this fabric is perfect for colorful snowflakes. Looking through my window to watch the snow fall is what my block is about.

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Emily said...

What does WOF mean?

FreeSpirit Fabric said...

WOF means Width Of Fabric. Thanks!

Lori said...

Your block is so pretty. Thanks for the tutorial. I too see snowflakes as color. LOL
quilting dash lady at comcast dot net

VickiT said...

Great looking block Pat. Thank you. I really love that shade of green in these fabrics.

Judy1522 said...

I totally agree with you it does make it more interesting by not putting the circles in the middle. Colored snowflakes is an interesting concept but what color would they be? Thanks for the tutorial I really like your block.

Marcia W. said...

Pat, I absolutely love all those colored snowflakes through the window. Great block! Thank you FreeSpirit for the Christmas in July.

Anonymous said...

I am going to just grab whatever comes out of my scrap piles for this quilt! Can't wait to see how neat it looks! Bev (

Emily said...

I am making your block, and I have green pieces left over; I have 2) 1.5"xWOF and all 4) 1.5x8". I'm not sure where they go since the window panes are sub cuts from putting the 1.5"xWOF small print and 2) 1.5"xWOF green together. I used the 2) 1.5x5" small print and 1) 1.5x5" green for the small center cubes. Where do my extra green pieces go? Im confused.

Anonymous said...

My block is all together and I swapped out the plain green for the bars and 9-patch with a red print and it zings!! Impatiently waiting for the next step!!
bev (

Judith said...

You are fantastic Pat. Love you block and will try it. Thanks for sharing and will check out your other groups and twitter...Judith, Texas