Monday, November 28, 2011

Story Telling is part of David Walker's Fabric; Get Together in stores in December

If the whimsical, ingenuous art of David Walker speaks to you, it is probably because David intends for it to tell a story. His light-hearted take on life translates into fun, juvenile prints perfect for any sewing, quilting or crafting aficionado. His youthful drawings are born from his past when he was the art director for Hallmark Cards.

“I had always assumed my art would take a more ‘serious’ direction, but after working so closely with the wildly talented artists at Hallmark, I realized I enjoyed the freedom that comes with a more whimsical style,” said David.
David found his fun, youthful style leading his career down a “let it go where it goes” career path of greeting cards, gift wrap, calendars, scrapbooking and now illustrating children’s books. Inspiration for his joyful designs comes from everywhere.

“From product packaging to the two large slightly annoying dogs who share my office, if your mind is open, you can find inspiration just about anywhere. If it catches my eye, captures my attention, it is worth a second look,” said David.

Get Together Corduroy

This includes his new line from FreeSpirit, Get Together (26 cotton and 9 corduroy SKUs, available December 2011). Adorable squirrels, fun-loving bears and cuter then cute pigs. This collection was inspired by a cut paper design; fold over the paper, cut the design, unfold the paper and voila, a large, connected pattern. According to David, the idea was simpler with paper and scissors but he is certain the animals scattered across the fabric will craft into charming children’s clothes, dog beds, homed├ęcor items and everything in between.
So what’s next for this artist who confesses to have moved from St. Louis, MO to ChapelHill, NC after only a two day visit? “Ihave several new children’s book releasingthis Fall and Winter that will be available on and Barnes & Noble, but the big news is I’m planning to sell some of my original art for the first time ever starting in Spring 2012”. Watch for more information on
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Lisnaweary Quilts said...

These fabrics are beautiful, especially the pigs, and the squirrels and acorns.. ok... they're all just fabulous!

Carrie P. said...

Congratulations on everything. Great fabrics. The bear fabric is so cute.

Marcia W. said...

These fabrics are absolutely beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Great write up, these fabrics really are beautiful.

Check out for similar designs.

boys tops said...

We have a lot of fabric in our house that we always think that it is not needed specially our old clothes. But if we will use our creativity we will notice that it can be use again in other way.