Monday, August 01, 2011

Heather Bailey and Where Women Create

Where Women Create is a magazine that explores the studio space of extraordinary artistic women. The newest issue, on sale August 1, features Heather Bailey on the cover! Step inside Heather's creative space which is very much a part of her life and her family. Plus, in a tribute to Heather's true entreprenuerial know-how, she will be a featured speaker at the Creative Connection, September 15-17 in St. Paul, MN. Visit the Creative Connection blog where you can comment to win six, 1-yard cuts of Heather's newest fabric collection Garden District in cotton sateens and canvas. Garden District will be at your favorite fabric retailer this month.
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Autumn Hathaway said...

Heather I love your fabric designs. Congrats on a new looks yummy.

cmiller2005 said...

Love your fabric designs! Can't wait to explore all the lovely fabrics.