Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Laminated Fabric

Above are our newest laminated fabrics! The top photo is out of Anna Maria Horner's fabric, then the swatches consist of Heather Bailey, George Mendoza (Art of Possibility) and Annette Tatum.

Below are some sewing tips that will help you in your Laminated sewing projects!
Tips for sewing Laminated fabric
From Coats and Clark

Thread: Use All-purpose thread. Dual Duty XP or Coats Cotton All-purpose
Needles: Size 12 or 14, sharp. A smaller needle makes a smaller puncture hole.

Presser Foot: A Teflon coated presser foot will prevent the presser foot sticking when sewing on the laminated side. This is especially helpful when topstitching. A roller presser foot may also be used.

Use a longer stitch length (3mm or more) for seaming and topstitching. Shorter stitch lengths can have the affect of perforating the fabric.

Select a pattern with simple lines and seaming. Avoid eased, gathered or intricate shaping because the fabric does not give.

It isn’t necessary to straighten the grain on a laminated fabric, it will not shift due to the coating.

Cut in a single layer with the right side up. For pieces cut on the fold, fold wrong sides together.

Mark with chalk or smooth-edged tracing wheel.

Holes may remain in fabric, so place pins in seam allowances and avoid having to rip seams. If making a garment, be sure of fit and make alterations to pattern before cutting out.

Do not touch an iron to the right side. Use a warm iron on the wrong side.

Welt, flat-fell or topstitched seams will lie flatter than a plain seam, since seams cannot be pressed open.
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Abby and Stephanie said...

Loving the laminated cottons. Some great tips. Thanks. A terrific review was done by Kathy Mack at Pink Chalk Studio.

Joyce said...

These laminated fabrics open up a whole new realm of sewing projects! Typical of FreeSpirit, the colors are wonderful. Look forward to trying these. ANd thanks for the tips.

Ruth said...

Thank you for the tips on sewing the laminated fabric. I've recently ordered some laminated fabric and can't wait to work with it.