Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Giveaway Time!!!

Today we are presenting you with a very fun and exciting giveaway. This time we are not going to select random winners but let our blog readers vote on their favorites! After the submission date has come to an end, then we will post a poll on the website that will allow you to vote on your favorite submission.

Now you are probably wondering what this wonderful giveaway entails! Well here you go! We want to see projects YOU have made out of our fabric that does not consist of your normal sewing project. Though we love seeing quilts, handbags and clothes you have made, we want your imagination to really be creative with this. An example of this would be using Modge Podge to create something with fabric. Jane Sassaman is a great example of this.

We want to see what you have come up with! We will post them on the flickr website as they come in so you can start to see and decide which ones you will vote for!

You are probably wondering what you are winning right? Well the inspiration for this giveaway was a piece of Fabricware. The grand prize winner (one who receives the most votes) will win a large Fabricware serving tray from our Westminster Fibers Lifestyle Products division. We will also have six additional winners that will receive selections of fabric similiar to this. We will be accepting submissions until 5pm on February 4th. You are allowed to submit one item that includes a picture, brief description and please include your name and address so if you do win, we will have your information. If you want to remain anonymous on the website, please state in the e-mail as well. E-mail submissions to

Also, we would really like our readers to become followers of the FreeSpirit blog so we can see what you are doing through your blog as well!

Good luck to everyone with the giveaway!

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