Friday, October 31, 2008

A Peek into the International Quilt Market

International Quilt Market was quite the event in Houston, Texas! It was a gathering of great artists and designers that were able to show and display their hard work and great ideas. The Westminster booths were very busy with eager shop owners that were ready to get their hands on the new lines. Many quilts were displayed throughout the Westminster booths that showed quilts that we offer as a free pattern online that were very encouraging to quilt makers! Some quilts were made just days prior so if you see images of quilts and they are not on the website, they are coming soon! There was a great response to our new designers' and the fabric that they were showing as well.

The booth for Westminster Fibers Finished Products also had a great response from customers as well. We felt that the umbrellas and reading glasses were the top favorites! More on when these products will be available in local shops will be available soon. Remember, we are still in the early stages of creating this great Westminster division!

Pictures below are all from the International Quilt Market that was held last week! Please comment on what you like and any thoughts you have! We will be posting a blog soon that will show fun and silly pictures of all of our great designers! Enjoy!

Jenian Morrison with her Moondance display, David Walker with his Robots Quilt

Melissa Averinos displaying Sugar Snap, Heather Bailey displaying Pop Garden

Westminster Fibers selling booths

Jane Sassaman in her Prairie Gothic booth

Anna Marria Horner's booth displaying Good Folks

Tina Given's booth displaying Fairy Tip Toes and Treetop Fancy collection

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BBB said...

I've been scanning the Internet all week looking for pictures of Market. Thanks so much for sharing them here. I really like your blog and especially like the links to the designer's websites/blogs. Lots of fun fabrics and patterns to look for at my local quilting stores. Can't wait!

Sheree said...

I had so much fun checking out all the new fabric lines. I order so many great new prints...can't wait to put them in the webshop!

It was my first time at Market, and I had such a great time. I can hardly wait for next year!


FreeSpirit Fabric said...

Robots collection will be shipping in December so it should be in the stores shortly after!

Anonymous said...

Will there be patterns for the Robots quilt & Heather Bailey's quilt? I love them.

FreeSpirit Fabric said...

Hey there. Robots quilt most likely will be posted by next week as a free pattern on our site. Unfortunately Heather Bailey's quilt will not be posted because it is an older collection.