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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Christmas in July Block 15-Quilting Gallery

Bull’s Eye

Designed by: Michele Foster

Block finishes at 6” (6.5” unfinished)

The Bull’s Eye block has been designed by Michele Foster of the Quilting Gallery. Prepared for the Christmas in July Block-a-Thon hosted by FreeSpirit Fabrics.

Visit: http://quiltinggallery.com/


Note: Strips are cut by the width of a fat quarter, i.e approximately 20”

Background fabric (white):
(1) 1” strip
(1) 2” strip - you may need two strips depending on how skewed you do the trims.

Center square:
(1) 2” square

Accent fabric (turquoise/white):
(1) 1.5” strip
With your 2” square, skew it a little. Trim less than 1/8” of fabric off of two sides at an angle to the edge of the exiting square.

With the 1” strip of white, add borders to two sides of your 2” square. Be sure to over-extend the edges. Press the seams toward the white. Trim the edges flush with your 2” square.

Repeat for the other two sides.

Repeat the above steps adding your 1.5” accent fabric to both sides, and trim flush. Press the seams toward the accent fabric.

Add the other two sides, and trim flush.

Skew two sides of your block a little. Trim less than 1/8” of fabric off of two sides at an angle to the edge of the exiting square unit.

Add the 2” white strip to two sides and trim flush. Press seams toward the white border.

Repeat with the other side.

Lay your 6.5” square ruler on top of your block.

Once you’ve found a pleasing angle, trim two sides, rotate the block, align your ruler to your cut edges and trim the other two sides. Your unfinished block should measure 6.5”
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Mishka said...

I have a PDF version of my tutorial on my site, as well as a give-away of a charm pack of Kaffe's Classics.



Lisa said...

Love this block