Friday, December 10, 2010

A TUTORIAL that will Get you IN the Spirit!

Hey Everyone! Here is a great mini tree skirt tutorial that will not take long at all to make, and can create quite a wonderful statement in a room. Melissa from 100BillionStars has done it again and brought us this great holiday tutorial. Mini trees are a great decoration to lighten up a room, but they never have mini tree skirts! You can be really creative with this by choosing your fabrics, mix-matching fabrics and adding embellishments such as buttons, beads and yo-yo's. Let us know what you think and stop on by Melissa's blog for more great ideas!

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Amy DeCesare said...

Lovely! Some of my favorite fabrics are used in this one, and I can't wait to see how it's done now.

Michele T said...

Thank you for this awesome tute - I don't have time to make any tree skirts this year, but I sure plan to make a few for next year for myself and as gifts to my family.

kumar said...

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Jennifer said...

Just the bomb!!!! Melissa and her tree skirt!!